Object: First Term Report of Activities (16 September-20 December 2019)

After 3 months, the headship at the School Ecole Primaire Privée Evangélique Excellence de Sabaribougou, we fulfil our obligation to give you a report half way through

4 points:

      1. administrative report

      2. pedagogical report

      3. spiritual activities

      4. other


The official and administrative start of the School year took place on 16/09/2019 under the leadership of my predecessor, Monsieur NOUMON Pascal, at Ecole Primaire Privée Evangélique Excellence de Sabaribougou.

During that time, the teachers prepared the pedagogical return to school, sharing timetables, monthly tasks, inventory of the equipment and resources and more.

The return to and start of the new school year took place on 1/10/2019 under the leadership of Monsieur NOUMON Pascal still. The pupils were welcomed and set into their classes. The parents of some of the children were spoken with, reassured and informed of the exact start of the lessons.

The passing of the « baton » of service took place on 3/10/2019, at 15.00 Le jeudi 03 Octobre 2019 between Monsieur NOUMON Kokouvi Pascal Instituteur adjoint certifié Directeur (leaving) and Monsieur DAKIO Félix Instituteur certifié Directeur (starting). Monsieur Jean-Pierre DAHO Conseiller des Ecoles Primaires Evangéliques des Assemblées de Dieu de Lafiabougou supervised the event. Administration being a continuation, we took up the baton, started to familiarise ourselves with the place and the human resources.

The meeting of the teachers for the start of the year took place on 11/10/2019.

On 17/10/2019 saw the meeting with the Parents Committee, with a presentation, some refreshments from 16h00 to 17h30.

The same committee came 2 weeks later on 30/10/2019 to the School (10h-12h 30) to examine and amend the planning budget for the school activities for 2019-2020.

This budget was presented to the AGM on 12/11/2019 in the big conference hall. Over 100 parents were present. Words of awareness, and ideas for the good working of the school and a better taking of the pupils’ care were exchanged.


The pedagogical start to the new school year took place on 01/10/2019. On 04/10/2019 the pupils helped greatly to clean all the premises and the yard. Then revision lessons started in all classes whilst awaiting the delivery of the pupils’ kits and the didactic equipment. This arrived on 14/10/2019 and the children received their school kit the next day.

The lessons started in a climate of peace and joy; the CM1 class had a test on 7/11/2019 to evaluate the real level of the students in order to adapt the lessons to be more effective.

Harmonised writing composition (creative writing) tests for all classes and organised by the local authority then took place.

The results follow:

Looking at this table, the name ‘’ Excellence ‘’ is not reflected in the results. The Adviser then came and met the teachers to enquire about the lowering of the marks and standards obtained by the pupils.

It seems the pupils do no do the homework given as they have no light to work by, and therefore cannot learn. Some are left to their own devices as they do not see their parents who work until 7 or 8 in the evening. We have also had testimonies of some parents taking away some of the school kit and equipment from one child to give to another (brother) in the family. The Staff together with the APE office have spoken with some parents to increase awareness.

Despite all this the Advisor has asked the teachers to continue with the awareness campaign but also double their efforts to obtain 100% success in all classes. That is how the name “Excellence” can be awarded. He promised to come and support the teachers as and when possible.


Every Monday and Friday morning from 7.30 to 7.50, the teachers organise prayers with the pupils. The week’s teacher brings a biblical exhortation followed by prayers before the start of the lessons.

Every day each teacher talks about Jesus as Lord and Saviour to the children and above all that he is the children’s greatest friend. He (she?) closes with a prayer.

Every Tuesday from 13.00 to 14.00, there is a biblical study organised. The children choose to attend or not, and even non school going children come with glee.

Every last Wednesday of the month, the Teaching Family meets in one of the 3 schools from 11.30 to 12.30 for exhortation and prayers etc.

  1. OTHER

The ceremony of the opening of the Children’s Church took place on Sunday 20/10/2019 in Sabaribougou. The English partners were there together with the Founder, the highest authorities of the Church, parents of pupils and a multitude of children. This ceremony included the children 100%, helped by the teachers with songs, biblical verses recited, short dramas. The message was given by an adolescent on the life of Jeremiah. It was most interesting with the children, The Founder spoke and then each child received a gift.

21/10/2019, the English partners came together with the Founder. Great times !

The Adviser has visited several times and took part in the AGM with the parents of pupils.


We can only give thanks to God, as until now, we work under the protecting hand of God the all powerful. There have been no incidents, and the working conditions have improved. All classrooms have light and filtered water. We thank all partners, the Founder, and all those who contribute to the development of this school. We pray that God will give good health to each of us, so we can give good results at the end of the school year. We also wish all a good and happy year 2020.


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