Kodeni (Sabaribougou) School Report 30/06/2018

Pascal Noumon (Head Teacher)


First and second terms

School work:
All well, active participation of the pupils to the lessons leading to good results in tests and teaching adapted to the needs of the pupils

1st term: highest average: 9.83/10, lowest 6.33, class average 8.90
2nd term: 9.66, 6.66, 8.63


Health of the pupils:
Not good at the beginning of the school year, frequent illnesses and absences: cough, poor “tummies”, colds. The poverty of the parents does not allow for good medication to be purchased by them, so local fairly unreliable remedies are used.

With the end of the wind Harmattan the situation got better. One girl however has not been in school due to illness for more than a week.


We thank you for all that you do for these needy children and we pray that God will bless you more so these children can continue with their studies and fulfil their full potential when becoming the men and women of tomorrow.