Object : Report of school term (06 January 2020- 30 June 2020)

  1. pedagogical/administrative

  2. spiritual

  3. other


Coming back on 6th January 2020, all learning and work restarted, and with the work done and the support of the Adviser and the Council of the school, large progress was made and seen, as the children are monitored at home, and kept an eye on, and therefore do their homework.

  1. RESULTS of the second term

Download results sheet.

This shows that of the 246 pupils tested, 129 boys and 117 girls, 226 pupils obtained the average score, so the success rate for the school is 91.86%.

Most importantly, we must acknowledge that from the 18/03/2020 the lessons have stopped because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. After two months of lockdown, talks and discussions, the government decided that School should start again on 1st June for exam classes. The government ordered schools to select those to go up a year by using the highest average obtained by the pupil during the first two terms of the academic year.

So the children selected at the end of the ear are as per enclosed table, the girl excluded in CM1 showed not only a lack of work but also a lack of discipline.

We also had two spiritual outings: all the children were invited to the big church for the children’s fete, great fun for all the children,

The second outing was an hour of prayer organised with the pupils, using Psalm 23:1-6 and Mark 11:22 as a basis. We prayed for the protection of all the staff, the pupils, the English partners, the parents against Coronavirus.

The children were reassured that if we ask our Father in faith, our Father does!

  1. Other

With attempting to start again as wanted by the government in May, the school received the necessary equipment against Covid-19 from the Founder