What’s next?

BUILD TRIP 3: 7th-17th February 2019

To start the build of the multi-purpose hall and clinic.

If you are interested in being involved in the build, please contact Mark Lamb on 07584657737 or mlambie04@yahoo.co.uk


We will need to raise a further £50,000 for the builds. If you would like to run an event or be involved with raising funds, then please talk to Mark Lamb.

Longterm sponsorship of the children

We are continuing to look for schools to sponsor the teachers, however this does not cover their medical needs, or equipment. For just £5 a month a child will get all they need to get the education and health care that they deserve.

Secondary school

It would be a shame for their education to finish at the end of primary, We are seeking and praying into what happens next.

Thank you for all of your support towards the project, all that you have done has helped the children to get an excellent education.

Mark Lamb on behalf of the Kodeni Project team


The Kodeni School Project update

What an amazing few years it has been! From not having a penny in the pot to having over £100,000. From not having a building to having 6 classrooms. From not having a child enrolled to having 150 children getting an excellent education. I could go on…

It makes me think of the incredible miracle that occurred when Jesus and his disciples travelled to a quiet place to rest, only for them to meet more than 5000 people that had followed them there. He had great compassion for them and he healed the sick. Everyone was starting to get hungry, Jesus ended up having 5 loaves and 2 fish, donated by a young ordinary boy. He gave thanks for what he had and then the disciples went round distributing the food. At the end everyone was satisfied and there was plenty of food left.

This young boy gave what he had and God multiplied it. What we have seen with this project is many people contributing what they can to the project: be it money, prayer, time etc… and God has far exceeded any expectations.

On our last build trip in February 2017, myself and 4 other teachers were able to monitor the education that the children were receiving. We joined lessons, we looked at books and we saw the curriculum that they were delivering to the children. We all agreed that the children were getting an excellent deal. The last report from the school shows that each child has made at least expected progress for the year.


“It was so marvellous to re-visit Sabaribougou school and to see how it has grown and how much the children are learning. The first classroom block as you will know is completely full with 150 children and as I arrived over several mornings it was thrilling to hear them singing, chanting and reading! They are happy and enthusiastic and the staff obviously love them. Pascal, the head, has such a wonderful vision to make this the best school in Bobo! The second classroom block which the team started way back at the beginning of the year is now beautifully painted with blackboards installed and just waiting for the next class!
I can assure the team and all those who have provided the financial support over the past few years that what they have helped to start is now an unstoppable force – the children are thriving and moving forward in their lives!”
Lynne – An English ex teacher living in France


At present each class teacher is being sponsored by a school in the UK.

  • Class 1 by St Marys, Folkestone
  • Class 2 by Sibertswold and Eythorne, Dover
  • Class 3 by The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School, London.

Interestingly, our partnership with Aid to Burkina was all part of God’s plan, as we quickly understood that without good health then it was pointless giving the children an education. As a result of conversations a well was dug and clean water was supplied for the school. This was a temporary fix. We are now looking at building a clinic for the village and also supplying the village with water filters that will outlast generations of people. What started as a project to help educate children has turned in to so much more … God is working and moving to help the poor and needy beyond what could even be imaginable.