Kodeni (Sabaribougou) School Report 24/04/2018

Pascal Noumon (Head Teacher)

This reports majors on the following points:

  • Pedagogical (on the work)
  • Social and moral
  • Events
  • Answers to various questions


The 2017-2018 School Year started on Thursday 2/10/2017 at 7.30am. The teachers assembled to face new battles to educate the children.

The lessons started on 3/10/2017 in all classes and went well for the whole of this semester.

The pupils have already had 5 evaluations and the average/median mark for the school is:  8.76 /10.


2. Social and Moral

During this semester, the relationships between the staff, parents, administration and the pupils have been of good quality. The School has been visited several times by the Pedagogical Director to the Inspector, Education and Adviser Head of the BOBO2 District. During his visits, the teachers benefited enormously from his advice so they can improve further.

With the pupils, many late arrivals into School were recorded in December to mid January. This is because of the change in climate with the coming of the “Harmattan” wind between December and February. Some pupils fell ill then; others have coughs, stomach pains, colds etc.

The situation has now improved from mid January to the end of March. We give thanks to God for less late arrivals into School and less absences due to illness.


3. Events

  • 06 October 2017 official giving of school kits to each of the 150 pupils.
  • November 2017 death of the parent of a pupil (Ouattara Seydou)
  • From 22 December to 4 January 2017 holiday of the first trimester
  • From 05 January 2018 start of the lessons for the second trimester 
  • 16-17 January 2018 John and his friends came to the School to train the parents on the filtering of drinking water and give the filters to each family.


4. Answers to questions
The 2016-2017 report has already been sent by Pastor Coulibaly Cephas.


Objectives for the 2017-2018 School Year

  • ensure the correct education of the children
  • have a success rate of 100% at the end of the academic year 2017-2018


And to achieve these objectives:

  • Each teacher must be punctual and assiduous in his work
  • Organisation of catch up lessons for the very weak pupils, every Saturday morning and Wednesday late afternoons. I can assure you that this is happening already and works very well with volunteer parents. (Does that mean the teachers and the Head are also involved in this, or just the volunteer parents? Françoise)


The level of the pupils

  • Quite good


On-going training of the teachers

  • The State has not organised any training this year.


The participation of the pupils to the lessons

  • Good for all 3 classes


Treatment of the pupils when they fall ill

  • We give them Paracetamol and then we ask their parents to fetch them/we tell their parents


What they eat in the morning

  • More than 80& of the pupils do not eat at all before coming to School and some do not eat at all until midday.


Behaviour of the pupils

  • Behaviour is (very) good outside and in lessons in all 3 classes


Making/Practical work

  • nothing has been done this School year apart from a few things made by the children such as tools or items for school or cultivation



  • In February Mrs Lynne Peacock sent gifts for the children and 3 compasses
  • 24 March 2018 the children celebrated Easter at School
  • Yes a few dozen parents get involved at times in some of the activities of the School
  • But for the community no!!!
  • Yes the Church supports us a lot spiritually


Future Plans

  • To come: organising the end of School year 2017-2018 celebrations
  • Gift of/to the School of torches to help the children learn, complete homework
  • Fencing of the School site
  • Gift to the School of play material and resources/ playground equipment



  • Yes for the School, the children, the staff for the good working of all site
  • A prayer of thanks and blessings for all the partners always available for the success of the children



Other Points

  • No at the moment…

This is how the semester has gone. Thank you very much, may God Almighty protect you Amen, Amen