“For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

This school was built with the aim for children in the village of Kodeni to have a chance of breaking free of extreme poverty, by giving them an excellent education. Further to this, we aim for the children to receive good quality health care.

Our Ethos and Values

When children leave our school we hope they will be happy, confident and well-equipped to face the challenges in the next stage of their lives.

We aim to provide an environment:

  • where everyone feels safe
  • where everyone feels valued and important
  • where everyone has the opportunity to achieve the very best they possibly can
  • where everyone will grow in confidence and become independent learners
  • where everyone will appreciate each other and develop into citizens of a fast-changing world
  • where weaknesses are supported and overcome
  • where everyone will gain a better knowledge and understanding of God

but mostly … where we are all happy to be!

At our school each child is valued as an individual in his or her own right.  We believe that each and every one has an important role in our school family.  Every child has strengths and talents, and we aim to bring these out and develop them.

As a Church school we live by and promote Christian values and ethics, especially those of caring, sharing and forgiving.  We place great emphasis in helping our children grow into thoughtful, responsible adults with a sense of right and wrong.

We will educate every child to the best of his or her ability taking into account individual differences and special needs.  Equality of opportunity is a fundamental aspect of the ethos of our school.

We will educate for citizenship to give each child an understanding of the nature and duties of responsibilities and rights.  We believe children should be encouraged to give their opinions and views and listen with respect to others.

We have a skilled and dedicated team of teachers who are determined to give the children the best education possible.

We have very high standards of behaviour!

We aim to achieve very high academic standards!

We care for our children!