Kodeni (Sabaribougou) School Report 01/09/2018


In accordance with my attributions of school director, I hereby report to you the activities of the end of the school year 2017-2018 (from October 02, 2017 to July 11, 2018). This report is as follows:

  • Educational report
  • Administrative report
  • Socio-cultural and spiritual report
  • Outlook

1. Educational report
Good lessons in all classes. Visit of the educational advisor and others from CEB Bobo II, very helpful

The students have had 7 tests: 4 internal to the school and 3 in conjunction with other schools. Results enclosed on the statistics.

2. Administrative report
Teachers’ prep well done, registers well maintained well,


3. Socio-cultural and spiritual report
2 children helped to come back to school through breakfast given to them until the end of the school year

Other children in the same situation. Another child was “bunking off” school without his parents knowing, that has been solved satisfactorily with the parents bringing the child every morning and collecting at the end of the school day, which we demanded from the parents.

Prayers last Wednesday of the month in collaboration with Elite School in Lafiabougou. We have also had morning prayers with the children thanks to some of the parents: Mr Sanou, Mrs N’Kambi, Mrs Bihoun and others we wish to thank.

The children were also prepared for the end of year festival and worked with a drama, dance, song, English, Bible verses etc. group called EBEN

4. Outlook
For 2018-2019: there will be 200 pupils instead of 150 with the opening of class CE2 (year 6).

We would like:

  • An internal auxiliary canteen to be able to support the children at least with breakfast before the State comes to help
  • To organise an outing with the children to see the RTB2 (?) , the Airport, the Townhall or the Mausoleum of Guimbi Ouattra
  • To organise a day of excellence in the school in collaboration with sister schools
  • To give the school a medical kit to help with first aid care, etc.
  • To give the school some sport and play equipment
  • To give the school solar powered lamps to help with the schoolwork of the pupils


In conclusion

  • The 2017-2018 school year has been good.
  • Above 90% educational success.
  • Very good collaboration between teachers, between teachers and leadership/administration, between teachers and social partners, between schools